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Land Use Studies

WSA Inc. collects land use and ecological data from community members through the map biography method which employs techniques that systematically collect information in a way that maintains data integrity and allows for duplication by third parties. The maps created during the land use study are considered a living document which means it should be revisited and amended over time.

Heritage Resource Impact Assessments

HRIA identify heritage concerns within a study area. The HRIA will then make recommendations about any heritage objects or sites encountered. White Spruce Archaeology Inc. recognizes the importance and neccessity in using local community knowledge when undertaking  HRIAs.

Community Heritage Planning

Your heritage contributes to your social, economic and environmental well-being. It instills pride in people, it also has an important role to play in ensuring that places are protected and passed on for the benefit of future generations

Construction Monitoring

In Manitoba, construction monitoring is sometimes required by the Historic Resources Branch. WSA Inc. is able to fulfill any monitoring requirements in the province.


WSA Inc. can assist First Nation communities who are in negotiations with resource extractors on traditional lands. We can help by explaining the requirements of Heritage Resource Impact Assessments (HRIA), work with the community to identify heritage concerns, and assist in the development of a Community Heritage Plan.


 The use of local knowledge,  along the techniques and methods we employ, create a complete study that can help a community make an informed heritage decision. We compliment our team through contract work with a variety of post-doctoral students at the University of Manitoba. This type of business relationship allows us to create documents that have been written by a group of hand picked specialists on a project by project basis.

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